Promise Land Farm Closing!

It is with very sad hearts that Promise Land Family Fun Farm will be closing to the public on Thanksgiving Sunday. We are thankful for the thousands of people that have come through our gates and allowed us to share our animals with their families. Unfortunately there is not enough support for this kind of attraction in order to cover our costs. Don and I volunteer our time to the farm.

We have enjoyed over the last 7 years watching families enjoying time with the animals, learning and just having fun together. We set a target of .01 profit last year. We did not achieve that but we were closer than we had ever been, so we decided to try one more year. We actually thought that we would be able to make it, but it is clear to us that we won’t be able to do before closing weekend.
Our family and staff thank all those who have come through our gates over the years.

Best regards,
Don and Cheryl Dowswell

About Promise Land Farm

Cheryl & Don Dowswell owners of Promise Land FarmThe Journey began in 2006 when Don and Cheryl Dowswell decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the ‘big city’ life in Brampton, to give their children a better life. A slower paced life in the country where they could get closer to nature and their community. They chose to settle on Hamilton Road, a quiet stretch of farm land nestled between Trenton and Belleville. Their property plays host to an old farm house they now call home, a massive barn erected in 1906 and 37 acres of rolling, flower-sprinkled hills.